by Allora McCullough

Perpetually Fleeting

December 2015; MFA Thesis Exhibition
at the Samuel L. Dorsky Museum of Art.

Terracotta, Porcelain, and Hanging Glass Installation
with glaze, cow's blood, mineral oil, lustre, and silica gel.
15' x 8.5' x 15'

Artist Statement:

What happens when you die?

This is as ancient a question as the first conscious awareness of mortality. Conversations about the meaning of life, death, and the spiritual unknown are difficult. In a world where so many disagreements and distractions impede these topics, it is important to pause and reflect.

My art practice is a meditation on these eternal questions of life, death, and purpose. I use my own body as a tool and as a reference to hand-build and hollow clay forms in terracotta and porcelain. Mixing, building, soaking, breaking, smoothing, joining, firing, repeating— this is a semblance of rite, ritual, and practice in an attempt to create meaning for the unknown.

I am approaching a representation of the ethereal body through an exploration of the sculptural figure and vessels for the transcendent soul.